Ben & Joan: Wedding Ben & Joan Tupper
(Hubber & Wif)

Tupper Family Coat of Arms

Ben graduated from La Sierra College, studied Germanistic at the University of Mainz, Germany, did a Masters in German at Middlebury College, Vermont, and a doctorate in Comparative Literature (German, Spanish, English, Medieval Studies) at the University of California, Riverside, where he also taught German. More recently he has worked as a design engineer in microelectronics.

He has travelled some--been shot at by natives with bows and arrows in the Amazon, observed Ramadan in Istanbul and Teheran, ridden elephants into Karen country on the border of Thailand and Burma. Also been around Korea, Japan, China, Europe and the Mediterranean and West Africa a bit.

He has done a stint as a professional photographer (member ASMP), conducted music (things like Handel, Buxtehude and Mozart), played various instruments, including the 21-string Mandinka Kora (a native harp-like instrument of West Africa), recorder, tuba, violin, clarinet, pedal steel, dulcimer--and once in a while even a bit of keyboard. He is a published poet and has done some music composing and arranging.

But his proudest accomplishment of all--he claims just a little bit of credit for helping five sweet little girls grow up into beautiful young women.

Joan (nee Zinke) graduated from Pacific Union College as a Registered Nurse and with a science major--B.S. in pre-Lab Tech. She took Lab Tech at Loma Linda University, where she also spent a year in pediatric venipuncture--drawing blood from the arms of helpless babies. She taught Nursing Psychology in Taiwan, ROC, lecturing her class in the Chinese language. She is an accomplished pianist, with a special love for the music of Debussy and Chopin, and she has made some very fine acrylic miniatures, among other art things. But most of all she was happy to be a full-time Mommy to a nest of little girls, and she is the one truly responsible for their wonderful upbringing.

Best Man for Mark and Drahomira Another wedding, years later. . .
(But only best man this time)
Joan likes the great outdoors better
than stuffy wedding receptions.

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