Heidi: Likes to be known as Edelheid or Alejandra Heidi Rae

Heidi is the reader in the family. Before her 12th birthday she had read Victor Hugo: Les Miserables (and memorized most of the songs of the musical); Shakespeare: McBeth (which she delighted in reciting parts of as the situation warranted), Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, and The Tempest; Chaucer: Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (could recite the first 30 or so lines with reasonably good Middle English pronunciation); C.S. Lewis: all the Narnia tales and the space trilogy; and a few other things, including the Morte d'Arthur and most of Bullfinch's Mythical History of England. Sometimes she thinks of herself as a sprite Sometimes she thinks she would like to be a literature teacher. Sometimes she thinks she would like to be a fire fighter or tornado chaser. Lately she's been saying she would study nuclear physics and get three Nobel Prizes.

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