Krist & Richard Wedding Kristi & Richard Stürzer

Richard is Juris Doktor, Salzburg, Austria, but his first love is the sea. A world class wind surfer and champion catamaran racer, he likes the big ones in Hawaii, and has competed successfully in major European catamaran championship regattas. On any given summer day, you will more likely find him on a boat in the Mediterranean or on a board in the Columbia Gorge than in an office or court room. He is an accomplished Cellist.

Kristi has a B.A. from Redlands University with a double major in German and Business. She teaches Business and Technical English for adults in Salzburg, Austria, when she is not with Richard on a boat. She follows her mother's interest and talent on the piano. When she was just starting piano lessons, preparing for her first student recital, she got bored with the piece assigned to her and prepared a much more "interesting" one instead, much to her music teacher's surprise at recital time.

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