The Tupper Tartans

The tradition on tartans is much less rigid and restrictive than that for a coat of arms. Originally a tartan was an identifying mark for a traditional Scottish clan, but more recently tartans have been created in great number for families which never had a traditional tartan, even for many whose connection with Scotland is tenuous at best, and the application for new designs is now at the rate of forty or fifty per month.

The designs shown here were created for Sir Charles Tupper, Prime Minister of Canada, when he was granted a title by the English monarch. Since they were awarded "To His Family," they may be worn by his many cousins--descendants of Thomas Tupper of Sandwich.

Tupper Tartan--Standard Standard
Tupper Tartan--Modern Modern
Tupper Tartan--Ancient Ancient
Tupper Tartan--Muted Muted
Tupper Tartan--Antique Antique
Tupper Tartan--Reproduction Reproduction

For more information about the ancient and modern traditions of tartans, go the website of Tartans of Scotland, which (among other things) maintains the official register of all publicly known tartans.

Several of the tartans shown on this page may be purchased from The House of Tartans,
Inglewood, Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 2HU Scotland,
at about US$55 per yard for medium weight wool.

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