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I've been called a lot of nice things in my life: Professor, Doctor, Deacon, Engineer, Hubber, Tubab--and some others I'd rather not talk about. But the nicest thing I've ever been called is "Daddy"! No sweeter sound ever came from a little girl's lips.

These little girls have grown up by now, leaving only a come-along-lately still in the nest, but they come back to the perch now and then, and we invite you to come perch awhile, too. So--hop on up, and let's get acquainted. We've a few other branches for you to visit (especially hope you enjoy my bookshelf,)--and don't forget the guestbook!

Lori, Kristi, Cindi & Kim

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 Ben & Joan
 Lori & Marcus
 Kristi & Richard
 Cindi & Joel

 Ben's Bookshelf
 Joan's Kitchen

 Tupper Family History
 Tupper Family Association of America
 Tupper Coat of Arms
 Tupper Tartans

 Some African Birds

 The Big Fire, 22 October 2007
 Some Stories
 Some Poems
 Some Music

 A Gallery of Textures.

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